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Volunteer Commitment


You will be required to select your volunteer commitment at the time of registration. Please have a look at the options available below before you login to register to ensure a quick registration process. You will need to select a total of 8 credits in order for your registration to proceed to the check out. There will be an option to "add a subscription" if you agree then  $100.00 will be added to your registration as a by-out option instead of fulfulling the volunteer commitment. If your commitment is not fulfilled  by the end of the winter season then $100.00 will be applied to your account.  The club would appreciate your volunteer time instead of your money.

This year’s commitment will require one of the following, you can choose from the list below:

  1. Become an Executive member
  2. Volunteer at events earning 8 credits (8 hour commitment).

 The Red Deer Skating Club is a volunteer organization. The people serving  the club graciously donate their time and talents so that all children may have the opportunity to skate in the club. All parents are welcome to be a part of the executive or encouraged to help out in any way possible. Contact the club administrator for information on how you can help. It is so rewarding!


Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Red Deer Skating Club Volunteer Commitment:


Why have a volunteer commitment?

Volunteer work is essential to the quality and success of our club. Volunteer fees have proven very successful in amateur sports as a way of ensuring that there are enough people to help with the activities of the organization. The Red Deer Skating Club fee has been set at an affordable level when measured against those of other local amateur sport organizations.

Do I have to volunteer?

No, but if you don’t volunteer the club will require a $100.00 fee. A buy out option will be available at the checkout during registration.

If I don’t volunteer where does the money go?

The money will be used for the programming and expenses of our club.

Does one member of the family have to do all the volunteering?

No, any responsible person can volunteer on behalf of a skater and his/her family (a friend, relative, or even the skater himself or herself, if age appropriate.)

How long do I have to complete my volunteer commitment?

Your volunteer commitment needs to be completed by the end of the season (March).

What if I refuse to provide a volunteer commitment?

Refusal to adhere to the volunteer policy of the Red Deer Skating Club will be interpreted as an incomplete registration. The skater will need to provide the volunteer deposit before being considered registered for the skating season.


Volunteer Commitment Options:

Positions Credits Description
Executive Position 8 Be elected to the club Board
Low Test Day Registration Desk 2 Collect fees, and check skaters in
Low test day Ice Captain 2 Line skaters up for their turn
High Test Registration Desk 4 Collect fees, and check skaters in
High Test Ice Captain 4 Line skaters up for their turn
Welcome Canskaters 1 to 4 Hand skaters name tags and give directions
Competition Announcer 4 Announce skaters name and club
Competition Music Player 4 Play skaters music
Competition Set Up 2 Set up tables and equipment
Competition Take Down 2 Take down tables and clean up
Competition Raffle Table 4 Sell tickets, programs and flowers
Competition Registration Desk 4 Check skaters in and give directions
Competition Medal Presenter 4 Give skaters their medal (adults only)
Competition Dressing Room Captain 4 Find skaters before they skate
Competition Ice Captain 4 Line up skaters before they skate
Competition Hospitality Room 4 Organize food in hospitality room
Work a Bingo 4 Work at a bingo
Picture Day Helper 4 Line up skaters for their pictures
Work a Casino 4 Work at a casino
Carnival Set up & Take Down 4 Set up for Carnival and take Down
Carnival Dressing Room Mom 4 Help skaters at dress rehearsal and carnival
Carnival Ice Captain 4 Line skaters up at rehearsal and carnival
Carnival Ticket Sales 2 Sell 50/50 and raffle tickets
Carnival Music Player 4 Play music at dress rehearsal and carnival
Carnival Costume Desk 4 Sign in & out costumes at rehearsal and carnival
Carnival Admissions 2 Play music at dress rehearsal and carnival
Carnival Canskate Liason 2 Sign out costumes and sign in costumes