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 Test Day Information

  • Testing is a very important part of a Skaters development. It measures their progress and allows them to see the results of their hard work
  • There are a number of test days throughout the season
  • Your coach will decide which test your child is prepared for and will advise you when a test is being put into a test day
  • The test fee for Skate Canada is $12 and there may be a small additional charge to help pay for a “thank you” gift and/or expenses for the evaluator.
  • The skater must be dressed appropriately, hair neatly tied back, no holes in tights,skates clean and wear a dress for dance tests
  • The skater must be at the arena at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled test time as the test day may run ahead


Coach Assesed Tests will be assessed by your childs own coach. The will evalute the child on a test session or during thier regular practice sessions. There is a $12 Skate Canada fee for this test and you will recieve a test sheet with marks.

The Low and High tests are evaluated by one person (an Evaluator) who assesses a skater’s proficiency against a standard using a word scale (excellent, good, satisfactory, or needs improvement) identifying skills performed well and those requiring further development. Your skater will have a warm up and then skate the test ( in the case of a dance test, partnering with me). They will shortly afterwards receive a report card with their marks and feedback. You will need to start a file at home and keep all these reports stored in a safe place in case we need to reference them in the future. Your skater will then be ready to work on new skills.


All evaluators are volunteers. They receive no remuneration for their work but are reimbursed for their expenses. It takes many years to train as an evaluator and not many people can give so freely of their time. As a result of this, we have a chronic shortage of evaluators. Because of this problem, it is often necessary for clubs to hold their test days in the daytime or in conjucnction with other clubs.