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Policies and Procedures – Red Deer Skating Club (RDSC) 2021



All members of the RDSC including Executive, Coaches and paid staff must conduct themselves in a professional manner in respect to the confidentiality of all Club related business.



Starskate and Prestarskate

Refunds will be given only for medical reasons. A doctor’s certificate is required for submission to the administrator for reimbursement. Reimbursement will be made on a prorated basis. A 20% administrative charge will be withheld on all refunds. Skaters must have missed a minimum of 21 days of skating to qualify. Once your skater returns to the ice in any capacity full fees will be reinstated.

Canskate, CanPowerSkate, and Adult Skate

Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Administrator. A $60 administrative charge will apply. Reimbursement will be made on a prorated basis.


Competition Fees

  1. Canskate Program – Members to pay competition fees and expenses.
  2. Prestar Program – Members to pay competition fees and expenses.
  3. Starskate Program – Members to pay competition fees and expenses.
  4. Challenge and Canadians - The RDSC Executive, to the extent which funds are available, will consider written application requests for financial assistance for skaters, dance pairs, pairs, or Synchro Team who qualify for these events. (A pair or team will be paid as an individual skater).

If funds are available, $1500.00 (one thousand five hundred dollars) per skating year will be allotted for honorariums to be given to skaters participating in Western Challenge. The funds will be divided amongst the skaters as follows:

  1. When Challenge is hosted in Manitoba or East, a maximum of $850.00 will be issued to each skater.
  2. When hosted in B.C. or Saskatchewan a maximum of $450.00 will be issued to each skater.
  3. When hosted in Alberta a maximum of $200.00 will be issued to each skater.
  4. Skaters are only eligible for honorarium for one (1) event per skating year.

Please note skaters may also receive funds from Section and/or Region.


Special Events

The RDSC volunteers will organize special events. The Executive at their monthly meetings must approve all events and expenditures prior to the event. In the event of “short notice” the President, Treasurer, and any three Directors may have email approval. Ratification will be made at the next Executive meeting.


Cancellation of Programs

  1. Absences: The Executive recommend that skaters (parents) notify their coaches if the skater will not be attending his/her regular lessons.
  2. Ice Changes and Rink Closures: These are out of control of the Executive and skaters will be notified as soon as possible through Bulletin Board notices, email, website, and newsletter.
  3. Program Numbers: Numbers in programs must meet required “safety requirements and cost recovery budget” for all programs to run. The RDSC reserves the right to cancel or change all scheduled times and programs due to insufficient registration.

Numbers in Programs

  1. Starskate Program – A maximum of 24 skaters will be allowed for each session at the discretion of the Executive and Club Administrator.
  2. Canskate Program – A minimum of ten skaters per coach, to a maximum of 50 skaters per session at the discretion of the Executive and Administrator. Program Assistants will assist with the program.
  3. PowerSkate Program - A maximum of 32 skaters per session.
  4. PreStarskate Program – A maximum of 50 skaters will be allowed for each session at the discretion of the Executive and Administrator.


Account Balances

If a skater’s account has gone unused for over a year, (they have not been an active member of our club for over a year), any funds remaining in the account can be absorbed into the general account of the club.

If a skater’s account shows a balance owing to the club, any credit in that account will be applied to the balance owing to the club first.


Record Keeping

Red Deer Skating Club records are stored off site. Location can be chosen at the discretion of the Executive. Location will be recorded by the Bookkeeper and Accountant. Executive members will store any records at the end of every year at this site. The records will be reviewed and shredded as required.



Executive Members and Coaches will have a monthly meeting. The Annual General Meeting shall be held within 45 days of the close of the winter skating season. Within 30 days of the AGM, the new executive will meet for their monthly meeting. Selected representatives from the Executive attending Section AGM/NACGM will be reimbursed at the current Skate Canada rate. Receipts are required for reimbursement.



As per Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission the use of restricted funds (gaming money) is to be for the benefit of the club as a whole and is not meant to be a personal benefit to any individual. The Red Deer Skating Club will use these funds to pay for ice bookings.



RDSC will maintain an ongoing list of toys, equipment, and supplies. This list needs to be reviewed annually.


Registrations & Fees

  1. Starskate and Prestarskate registration information will be posted on the website and emailed out prior to each season.
  2. Late registration fees will be charged after the deadline.
  3. Registrations will not be taken over the phone or via email.
  4. Registrations will be booked on a first come first served basis. RDSC skaters have priority up to a set deadline stated on the registration information sheets. Non-RDSC skaters and Guest Coaches will have a set deadline. Dates will be printed on the registration form.
  5. Registrations will take place online via the club website.
  6. All members must be registered with Skate Canada for the current skating season. (Done by the club each year).
  7. While registrations are processed on a first come basis, the Administrator has the authority to request schedule changes to safely accommodate the maximum number of skaters.
  8. Skaters are not allowed on the ice until full payment or installment payments are set up and received by the club.
  9. Associate members are skaters who are registered in another club and wish to skate in Red Deer on a weekly basis for additional practice or coaching purposes throughout the winter season. The cost for an Associate Member is set each season at a per session rate. Associate members must contact the administrator before they begin skating. They may get lessons with a RDSC coach if desired.
  10. If your coach requests that you stay for an extra 15 minutes for a lesson; a skater may stay on the ice for that lesson at no extra ice charge. Please note that the skater must be in a lesson.
  11. A fee of $50 will be charged for any NSF transaction. This fee is due immediately.


The RDSC will contract the coaches on a yearly basis (April-March) for group programs and general promotion for the membership of the RDSC.

Additional/freelance coaches will be invited by the Club to come and coach/assist throughout the year, i.e. illness, absence, special guests and recommendations by our contract coaches, with a verbal agreement between Executive and Coaches.

All coaches under contract with the Red Deer Skating Club will be allotted $200.00 per year for professional development excluding Freelance Coaches. A copy of successful completion of the course and the original receipt should be submitted to the club.

In recognition of 25 years of coaching, the club will purchase a recognition gift up to a value or $100.00.


Program Assistants

Program Assistants, skaters 11 years of age and over, are encouraged to help with group skating programs when required. Skaters will need to attend RDSC program assistant training offered by the Club. An honorarium will be provided to those who act as a PA for the club.


Drop In Ice

All skaters registered with Skate Canada who wish to obtain extra ice (over and above registered times) must comply with the following procedures:

  1. The “Numbers in Programs” policy states that there is to be a maximum of 24 skaters on any session.
  2. If a skater wishes to pick up an extra session, it will be done on a first come first serve drop in basis.
  3. Email the club and your coach to request a drop in spot. The club will advise if there is room and send a confirmation. Requests must be done 24 hours in advance.
  4. The club will send out detailed invoices at the end of the season and you will log into you account and pay on line.
  5. Winter Season: skaters need to be registered with our club.
  6. Spring/Summer/Fall Seasons: must be registered in our school. Out of town skaters may be allowed to drop in but advance permission from the Club Administrator is mandatory.

There will be an additional charge for these extra sessions. The Executive will establish the amount for members and non-members annually.

During the season, some ice changes will occur. Please always check the information board, email or website for these changes.


Make Up Ice Policy


There is no make up ice for Canskate, Powerskate, Prestarskate or Starskate programs.



Any issues in regard to the operation of the Red Deer Skating Club may be made in writing to the Executive and will be dealt with on an individual basis. (Please refer to the Conflict/Resolution Policy for more details).



To be a member in good standing of the RDSC you must:

  1. Be registered with Skate Canada through the RDSC for the current year.
  2. Have paid registration and coaching fees.
  3. Have a RDSC coach under contract for lessons weekly.
  4. Have signed up for a Volunteer Commitment and completed the commitment by the end of the season.


Volunteer Commitment

Volunteer commitments are selected at the time of registration and are a requirement for registration to be completed. A total of 8 credits of volunteer time are required for each Starskater registered and 4 credits for each Prestarskater registered with the club. Each volunteer job has corresponding credits assigned according to time/commitment required. There is a buy-out option for families of $150.00 per Prestarskater and $300 per Starskater  if volunteer commitments are not chosen, and this will be charged at the time of registration.


Etiquette and Code of Conduct

Ice etiquette is posted on the website and must be adhered to by all skaters. Proper Ice etiquette includes:

  1. Be aware of the skaters around you.
  2. Be polite.
  3. No profanity (including music or clothing).
  4. No talking in the middle of the ice.
  5. The skater who is skating his or her solo has the first right of way, and a skater who is in a lesson has the next right of way. Finally, when the session ends, the Zamboni has the right of way and all skaters and coaches must exit the ice when the session is over.
  6. The club administrator and/or coaches have the right to place skaters on another session due to membership situations, the skater’s competitive record, the skater’s technical level, and the skater’s work ethic.
  7. The RDSC encourages a positive environment to be displayed by all, including the parents in the stands and lobby, coaches, and skaters. Please set a good example for our club.
  8. Skaters who skate sessions without paying or registering will be asked to leave the ice surface until payments are received.


Parental Consent

Parental consent is required at the time of registration. Parents/ guardians agree to:

  1. Hold and save harmless, the RDSC and its Executive, Coaches, and Administration from any claim and/or injuries sustained during skating sessions or for the loss of property.
  2. Accept responsibility for the payment of all outstanding fees.
  3. Accept the responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur during the skating session.
  4. Abide by all the rules of the RDSC and of Skate Canada, as set forth in the rule book of the Association.


Privacy Policy

The personal information used to register is protected by the privacy provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Questions re: the use of private information should be addressed by contacting the club administrator.


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Our Mission

The Red Deer Skating Club is dedicated to promoting and developing quality skating through teamwork in a friendly and professional environment.