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Ice Etiquette


What is etiquette? Etiquette is any special code of behavior or courtesy. At any level of skating, it is important that skaters follow a few basic rules to keep everyone safe and allow each skating session to be enjoyable and productive. Here are a few rules of etiquette to follow while on the ice…

  • Be aware of the skaters around you. You are out on the ice for enjoyment, however, being “heads-up” and paying attention to all the other skaters will make it easier to all to have fun and learn.
  • Be polite. You may say “excuse-me” to a fellow skater while you are trying to do your element (jump, spin, skill, and dance).
  • No talking in the middle of the ice. It is unsafe for all skaters to be talking in the middle of the ice surface, please move to the side boards if you wish to have a discussion.
  • Who has the right of way? A skater doing their solo. All skater’s should be aware of each other’s music. This skater typically will wear one of the provided bright colored belts for easy identification to all skaters. A skater who is in a lesson (skills, freeskate, or dance) has the second right of way. When the session ends, the zamboni has the right of way and ALL SKATERS and COACHES must exit the ice when the session is over.
  • The Red Deer Skating Club encourages a positive environment to be displayed by ALL, including parents in the stands and lobby, coaches and skaters. Please set a good example for our club.
  • Skaters who skate sessions without paying or registering will be asked to leave the ice surface until payments are received.

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Our Mission

The Red Deer Skating Club is dedicated to promoting and developing quality skating through teamwork in a friendly and professional environment.