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Mission Statement

The Red Deer Skating Club is dedicated to promoting and developing quality skating through teamwork in a friendly and professional environment.


Purpose & Whom

* quality skating for all -fitness, fun, social interactions, friendship, support - want an inclusive atmosphere

* Red Deer - everyone - all ages and surrounding area, groups

* teach people to skate - life skills for all

* participation in grand scheme



* participation by all         * developing the whole person ( self respect)             *communication

* goals & goal setting       * measured success - achievement in small parts        * partnerships - teamwork

* feedback & evaluation    * whole community - not just figure skaters



*  skating in general         * recreational programs                   * competitive & test

* encompass all groups     * future year-round training center   * build friendships

* keeping young skaters working, motivated and challenged



* ice                               * size of community (pro & cons)      * trying to meet everyone's needs

* costs                            * fun (retention) for everyone          * look at school systems

*involvement                   * time using to volunteer base         * change = risk



Where Do We Want To Be

* membership strong retention                            * change attitudes - fun

* broader spectrum of services                            * community awareness

* education of parents- communication                * develop volunteers (whole family)

* best utilization (positive early morning ice)        * team coaching

* incentives                                                       * recognition of achievements at all levels

* partnerships - friendships with officials, coaches , skaters and parents


Retention of Members

* friendly environment                 * on ice group activities focused on each group

* promote love of skating             * identify reason for skaters leaving (what will bring you back)

* outside activities                       * precision for target group


Community Awareness

* media contact                          * parade

* bulletin board                           * communication plan 50th

* target where kids are at            * MacDonalds paper

* pubic contest                            * outside groups ( hockey/ringette)



Coach, Official, Skater, Parent

* information sessions/tables           * newsletters

* social functions                            * fun days/competitions

* coffee/muffins                             * discussion groups

* buddy group to meet/know new people

* how to get involved (to be part of a family)     


Goal & Objectives

 * future happenings                                     * more informed

* goals for skaters future                              * growth - future 2000+

* keep club on track                                     * meet the needs of all skaters

* layout a path - goals- see the broad picture

* decision - who & for what?                          * focus on what we can do in the furture

* meeting the needs of all the community and skaters

* keep recreational skaters focused - push the envelope for change