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 Article 1.

 The Name of the Club shall be Red Deer Skating Club herein after called the Club.

 Article 2.


 a)         A not-for-profit figure skating or skating club, or the figure skating or skating section of a not-for-profit club that is a member of Skate Canada and is managed by a volunteer board of directors for the general purpose of providing Skate Canada figure skating or skating programs for Skate Canada members.

 b)         The Club shall abide by all Skate Canada by-laws, rules and regulations.

 c)         The Club shall pay such fees and such other charges as shall be required of clubs

            by Skate Canada.

 d)         The Club is located in the Alberta NWT/Nunavut Section of Skate Canada.


 Article 3.


 a)         The mission statement of the Club shall be to encourage the instruction, practice, enjoyment and advancement of its members in all aspects of skating in accordance with the Rules and Polices of Skate Canada.

 b)         The Club, with respect to any aspect of skating is to be managed and operated by amateurs who are duly registered as Associate Members of Skate Canada.

 c)         The Club shall protect the amateur status of its members.  The Club shall not take or omit any action that would knowingly jeopardize the amateur status of its members.

 d)         The Club shall operate only Skate Canada figure skating and skating programs.

 e)         Only Skate Canada Professional Coaches are permitted to teach figure skating and skating in the Club.


 Article 4.


 a)         The By-Laws shall describe the organization and functions of the Club, and the means by which members of the Club may elect Club Executive and control the property and activities of the Club.

 b)         The Rules and Regulations of Skate Canada shall take precedence over any Club By-Law.

 c)         Any By-Law contrary to the Rules of Skate Canada shall be invalid.



 By-Law 1.      Membership in the Club shall be open to all irrespective sex, age, creed or color.

 By-Law 2.       All members shall uphold, observe and conform to the Rules of Skate Canada, the By-Laws of the Club and such regulations as set forth from time to time by the Executive  of the Club.

 By-Law 3.       Members of the Club shall be registered with Skate Canada and pay such registration fees to the Association as set forth in Skate Canada Rule

 By-Law 4.       To be considered in good standing, all members of the Club must pay, within the time limit shown by By-Law 5, such club fees as are stipulated by the Club Executive.

 By-Law 5.       Members in arrears will not be permitted to take part in any club activity.  If any arrears are not paid within thirty (30) days after notification, such members shall be   considered as having terminated their membership.  Notification will be at the discretion of the Red Deer Skating Club Executive.

 By-Law 6.       Fees, age limits, skating rules and skating hours shall be as the Executive and club Coaches decide from time to time.  Club membership shall   commence on the first day of Skate Canada skating year and will terminate on the last day of Skate Canada Alberta NWT/Nunavut Section Canada skating year.

 By-Law 7.       The Executive may, by written notice, terminate membership of a member or remove a member of the Executive from his/her position for acting contrary to the Rules and Regulations of Skate Canada or the Club upon two-thirds vote of all the members of the Club in good standing.  A written explanation is to be given to the skater or executive member whose membership is to be terminated.  The individual if he/she so desires, shall have the right of appeal to the Executive and to a General Meeting of members.  A member may withdrawal membership by written notice to the Board of Executive.

 By-Law 8.       The Classes of membership, eligibility and privileges shall be as follows:

Individual Membership :( Executive and Officials) Non-skating members who have paid the fees set by the Club and are Associate Members of Skate Canada.  Individual members of legal age are entitled to one vote.

 Active Membership :(Canskate, Starskate, Competitive, Adultskate, Canpowerskate and Synchroskate) All amateur skaters who have paid the fees as set forth by the Club and are Associate Members of Skate Canada.  All active members of legal age of 18 have one vote.  Underage Active     members have no vote but are represented by Special Members as   in 8C.

Special Membership: (parents of skaters under the voting age) Parent or guardian of legally under age Active Members who have paid the fees as set by the Club and are Associate Members of Skate Canada.  Each Family will have one vote.

 Partial Membership: (skating members of another club) Any eligible skater, who is an Associate Member of Skate Canada and has paid a reduced fee as set by the Club, may have ice time for practice only.  Associate Members have no vote and may not hold office.

Honorary Membership: (members who deserve recognition) The Annual Meeting of members may elect any person an honorary Member of the Club.  An Honorary Member be exempt from club dues and shall not have interests in the assets of the Club or vote at club meetings.

 Restricted Membership: (paid employee of the club) A restricted member is not permitted to hold elected office and may not vote at meetings.

 By-Law 9.         Unless authorized at any meeting and after notice of same shall have been given no officer or member of the association shall receive any remuneration for his/hers services.



By-Law 10.         The Club shall not be responsible for any damages, injury or loss of property to any member, guest or visitor of the Club regardless of the reason or nature of such damage, loss or injury: and further more, every member, guest or visitor shall use the Club facilities at his or her own risk.



 By-law 11.         The members of the Executive, members and Chairs of committees, and the Club Delegate to Skate Canada must be members in good standing of the Club, be registered as Associate Members of Skate Canada, be of legal age and be eligible persons (with the exception of the Coaching Representative) as defined by Skate Canada Rules.


By-Law 12.           The general management of the club shall be vested in an Executive consisting of: immediate Past President, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, five Directors at large and a Coaching Representative. The Coaching Representative shall be elected annually by and from within the coaches of the Club. The Past President shall be ex-officio and shall hold office until a new President has been duly elected.

 By-Law 13.          The Executive shall hold office until the close of the meeting at which their successors have been duly elected.

 By-Law 14.           Casual vacancies occurring in the Executive may be filled by members appointed through a majority vote of the Executive.

 By-Law 15.           The President shall act as chairman of all executive and general committees. In his/her absence, this duty will be filled by the Vice-President.

 By-Law 16.            The Treasurer or designate person(s) shall be responsible for the safe control of all Club funds, for preparing and submitting to the Executive an Annual Budget and for keeping such records as are required by audit.  All cheques and legal documents shall be signed by any two of the President, Vice-President and one Director.

 By-Law 17.            The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

 By-Law 18.            A quorum of the Executive shall consist of one-third (1/3) plus one (1) member of the Executive, including the Chairperson.  NOTE:  Questions arising at any meeting of the Executive shall be decided by a majority of votes. The meeting chair may vote only when the vote would change the result. Therefore the chair may vote to break a tie and thus pass the motion or to create a tie and thus defeat a motion. A majority of the Executive shall form a quorum.

 By-Law 19.            The Delegate to Skate Canada shall be appointed annually by the The Delegate need not to be a member of the Executive. Skate Canada National Office shall be advised of the name of the appointed delegate.

 By-Law 20.             The members of the Executive, members and Chairperson of committees, and the Delegate to Skate Canada must be members in good standing of the Club, be registered as Associate Members of Skate Canada, be legal age and be amateurs as defined by Skate

 By-Law 21.             Rules of order for all meetings, General and Executive, shall be as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order in all cases in which they are applicable and consistent with the By-laws or special rules of the Association



 By-Law 22.             An Annual General Meeting shall be held within 45 days of the close of the March 31st fiscal year. A quorum for an annual, general or special meeting shall be fifteen (15) eligible voting members.  All members will be given notice of meeting by e-mail.

 By-Law 23.             Notice of all general, annual and special meetings shall be given seven (7) days in advance to each eligible voting member by email. The notice shall include the time and place of the meeting, the agenda, full details of any proposed amendments to these By-Laws and a complete list of candidates nominated for elections.

 By-Law 24.             Voting on Club elections shall be by secret ballot and a simple majority shall elect a candidate.  Voting on other matters may be a simple show of hands.

 By-Law 25.             Voting for Club elections or on any matters pertaining to skating shall be restricted to Club members who are registered as Associate Members of Skate Canada and Special Members shall be restricted to one vote per family regardless of how many children are in the family.

 By-Law 26.             A Nomination Committee is responsible for selecting at least a full slate of candidates for election to the Club Executive and shall present such a slate to the Executive no later than 21 days before an Annual Meeting in the year which an election is to be held. The Nominating Committee shall consist of a minimum of two members, one from the Executive and one from the membership. Other nominations may be made by any member in good standing by a written submission to the nominating committee at least 3 days before the Annual Meeting. Each nominee must indicate acceptance in writing prior to the commencement of elections. Nominations from the floor at the Annual Meeting will not be accepted.  



 By-Law 27.             All funds shall be deposited by the Treasurer or designated person in such banks or other institutions as may be designated by the

 By-Law 28.             All disbursements of the funds of the Club shall be by cheque or other auditable document.

 By-Law 29.             A person designated by the Executive shall make a review of the financial transactions of the Club each year and the financial statements shall be made available to the membership of the Club.

 By-Law 30.             The Executive is required to approve the use of restricted funds with a motion. Restricted funds can only be used for things that benefit the club as a whole.

 By-Law 31.             In the event that the Club ceases to exist, the net assets from liquidation shall go to such a charitable, benevolent, or educational purposes may be decided by the Club.



By-Law 32.             Any member of the Club, in good standing may propose an amendment to the By-Laws of the Club.  The proposal must be submitted in writing to the Executive.  The proposed amendment will be presented to the next general or annual meeting falling twenty one (21) days or more after the date of submission.  No amendment to the By-Law of the Club shall be accepted from the floor at any meeting.

 By-Law 33.            By-Laws may be enacted or amended by a majority vote (50% plus one) of the Executive whenever required.  Such By-Laws or amendments must be presented at the next general or annual meeting for ratification, if they fail to be ratified, they will cease to be effective and may not be re-enacted by the Executive for one calendar year.

 By-Law 34.             Any amendment to be accepted or ratified must pass by a vote of two thirds of those present and eligible to vote at any annual or general meeting of the Club.  The By-Laws may be rescinded, altered, or added to by a “Special Resolution”.

 By-Law 35.             All amendments become effective immediately after they are passed unless the motion specifies otherwise.  All such amendments shall be submitted to the National Office of SkateCanada and to Alberta Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Companies Office.