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Frequently Asked Questions


Registration FAQ:

I've never registered with RDSC before. How do I create an account?

Click on "log in" in the top right corner of the webpage. The right hand side of the page will say "First Time Registering with RDC?” Fill in the form and follow the instructions for registration.

I registered with RDSC last year, before there was online registration available. How do I register now?

You will need to create a new account. If you have never completed online registration previously, you will be treated as a new member.

Why do I need to complete my registration within a limited time period?

Registration spots for all of our programs are limited. To ensure that your spot is saved during the registration process and that all users have an equal opportunity to register for programs, you must confirm your registration with payment by credit card.

I see a list of sessions under the "Registration" menu, but why do I not see a "Register" button beside each session?

Registration opens at different times for different programs and sessions. If there is no "Register" button beside the session you with to register for, registration may not yet be available for the session.

I am having troubles registering. Who can I contact for help?

Contact us at or 403.358.1701 with the details of your situation.


Suitability of the Program:

Is CanPower only geared only to hockey players?

This program was designed for both hockey and ringette players. Developed by a team of hockey, figure skating and ringette experts, CanPower is the only nationally regulated power skating program in Canada. 

Does my child have to have previous skating experience before signing up for CanPower?

Yes. CanPower is not a learn-to-skate program. Skaters must be able to skate forwards and backwards, and be able to stop independently (without using the boards). Any skaters with this skating experience will do well in the program. Our coaches assess skating skills during the first session, and if any participant is unable to meet these requirements will be withdrawn from the course (and will receive a pro-rated refund). For skaters who are joining CanPower from our CanSkate program, you should be in CanSkate Lever 4 or higher. Or have two years previous hockey experience.

My children have different levels of skating experience. Can they all register for the same CanPower session?

We accept skaters from age 5 through 16 in an effort to allow siblings at different skating levels to participate in the same session. However, all participants must have the ability to skate forwards and backwards and stop independently. Depending on the number of skaters in a session, they will be placed in smaller groups according to age and/or ability so that coaches are able to work with skaters of a similar skill level.

What is the coach to Student Ratio?

A full session can include up to 30 students, with a coach-to-skater ratio of no greater than 1 to 6.

Is the CanPower program sufficiently advanced for my skater’s skills?

We have found that even skaters who play on more competitive (A/AA/AAA) teams benefit from our CanPower program. We group skaters according to age and/or ability so that coaches are able to work with skaters of a similar skill level. Areas of focus can include: balance, stride, acceleration techniques, strong and controlled edges, quick turns, crisp stops and powerful starts plus proper cross-over technique. The feedback that we have had from parents is that our CanPower coaches focus on very detailed areas of skating technique that a hockey coach may not have the time to focus on during a team practice. For instance, it's not unusual to see a coach get down on the ice to help our skaters find the proper foot position or blade placement, or they might pushing a skater's shoulder to help them feel the difference in their balance on their skates when their knees are properly bent.  If your skater registers for a session and you feel that they are too advanced, we encourage you to speak with one of the coaches and, if necessary, you can always revisit our withdrawal policy.

If my skater is not advanced enough for CanPower, what should they register for?

RDSC offers CanSkate for skaters from age 3-16 these lessons serve as an excellent base for developing the skating skills required to participate in CanPower.


Withdrawing from the program or transferring to another class:

How do I withdraw from a course?

Refunds will be given after registration but before the first class with and adminstration fee of $50.00. Please contact the Administrator:

Can I move my child to a different class time  due to a temporary conflict and then return to the original class time?

No. If there is space available, you can move your skater on a permanent basis, but you cannot move back and forth between class times


Wait List

If there are no spaces left in a class, do I have to pay to have my child’s name put on a waitlist?


How do I put my child’s name on the waitlist?

If a class if full, instead of a "Register" button beside the session, there will be a "Waitlist" button. When you should click that button, the site will allow you to add a child from your profile to the waitlist. Once a position has become available, you will be notified by email that a position is available. You can then log into the website and either register your child or remove them from the waitlist to allow the next person on the list to take their spot. Once the position is offered, there will be a limited time to complete the registration.

Can I find out where my child’s name is on the waitlist?

If you log into the website and click on "My Account" on the top right hand corner, you can then select "My Waitlist" from the submenu on the left hand side. This list will display each of the programs and children who are on the waitlist for each individual program along with their position on the list.

Will the waitlist be carried forward to the next session?

No. Your skater’s name will be kept on the waiting list, without charge, until partway through the session. The lists will then be deleted. Names from the waitlist will not be carried forward to a future session.


Parent Roles:

Can I drop my child off for classes and leave the arena?

No. A parent or other responsible adult must be available in the lobby during the class.

Can I stand on the ice with my child if he/ she is uncomfortable?

No. For insurance purposes, only Skate Canada members are allowed on the ice.


Missed Classes:

My skater has to miss one of his/her classes. Can he/she attend another class to make up for the missed class?

Members are assigned to specific groups on the day for which they registered and cannot attend a class on another day unless they make a permanent move to that class (only possible if there are spaces available).

If we have an extended vacation planned, can I register my child for only part of the lessons or get a refund for the lessons missed?

Participants who go away on extended vacations cannot make up the missed classes on another class day or receive a refund for missed classes. Parents who opt to register for only the latter part of a session must wait until that date to register and cannot request that a space be held for their child. 


Equipment Requirements

Do I have to buy the skates/helmet/equipment/stick or other hockey gear, or are they available for rent?

All participants must provide their own equipment – CSA approved hockey helmet and full hockey gear that includes a neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin pads, gloves and a stick. Mouth guards are recommended but no required. Skaters who are missing any gear will not be able to participate.

If I forget a helmet, are there helmets available that my skater can borrow?

No. All helmets must fit properly to provide adequate protection and RDSC does not provide helmets.


Child Tax Credits

Do RDSC's CanPower sessions qualify for Child Tax Credits?  

In order to qualify for Child Tax Credits, sessions must be offered on 5 consecutive days or over 8 consecutive weeks. The spring, summer and fall CanPower sessions for this season are of short duration, so they do not quality for Child Tax Credits.  The two winter sessions will qualify

For more information, please see the following link to the Canada Revenue Agency.



Am I required to volunteer?

Volunteering is not required by the Red Deer Skating Club for this program.