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Confidentiality:          All Members including Executive, Coaches and paid staff must conduct themselves in a professional manner in respect to the confidentiality of all Club related business.


  1. Winter Skate Canada Test Programs- Pre-Star Group Program

   a)         Refunds will be considered on a half season basis only up to December 31st of each year.  A letter must be submitted to the Executive by the end of November for consideration of the request for refund.  The Executive will be responsible for the final decision.

   b)         Exceptions will be made for medical reasons, with submission of a Doctor’s certificate.

   c)         A 15% administrative charge will be withheld on all refunds.


  1. Spring, Summer and Fall Programs

          Refunds will be given only for medical reasons prior to the registration deadline.  A Doctor’s certificate is required for submission to the Executive for reimbursement with the covering      letter.  Reimbursement will be made on a pro-rated basis.  A 15% administrative charge will be withheld on all refunds

  1. Canskate and CanPowerSkate

          Refunds will be given at the discretion of the administrator.  A 15% administrative charge (minimum $5.00) of the registration fee will be withheld.

  1. Bingo Accounts

          Any bingo credits remaining in a skater’s account will be transferred to the Bingo general funds when a skater leaves the Red Deer Skating Club.  This transaction will take place after a one-year period.



  1. Canskate

         Members to pay competition fees and expenses.

  1. Pre-Star

         Members to pay competition fees and expenses.

  1. Skate Canada Test Program

         Members to pay competition fees and expenses.  Competition fees may be reimbursed from the Bingo account if funds available.

  1. Divisional and Canadians

          The Red Deer Skating Club Executive to the extent which funds are available will consider written application requests for financial assistance for skaters, dance pairs, pairs, or       Syncro Team who qualify for these events. (a pair or team will be paid as an individual skater)

 If funds are available $1500.00 (one thousand five hundred dollars) per skating year will be allotted for honorariums to be given to skaters participating in Western Divisional and or Star Skate Nationals.  The funds will be divided amongst the skaters as follows:

a)         When divisional are hosted in Manitoba or East a maximum of $850.00 will be issued to each skater.

b)         When hosted in B.C. or Saskatchewan a maximum of $450.00 will be issued to each skater.

c)         When hosted in Alberta a maximum of $200.00 will be issued to each skater.

d)         Skaters are only eligible for honorarium for one(1) event per skating year.

 Please Note Skaters may also receive funds from Section and or Zone.



The Red Deer Skating Club volunteers will organize special events.  The Executive at their monthly meetings must approve all events and expenditures prior to the event.  In the event of “short notice” the President, Treasurer, and any three directors may give e-mail approval.  Ratification will be made at the next Executive meeting.


CANCELLATION OF PROGRAMS                                                                                                     

  1. Absences: The Executive recommend that skaters (parents) notify their coaches if the skater will not be attending his/her regular lessons.
  2. Ice Changes and Rink Closures: These are out of the control of the Executive and skaters will be notified as soon as possible through Bulletin Board noticestelephone, e-mail and the Web-Site.
  3. Program Numbers: Numbers in programs must meet required “safety requirements and cost recovery budgetfor the program to run.  This includes both Recreational and Skate Canada Test Stream.



  1. Skate Canada Test Programs: A maximum of 24 skaters will be allowed for each session at the discretion of the Executive and Administrator. Any member can appeal to the Executive, in writing to increase or decrease this figure.
  2. Canskate: A minimum of 20 skaters per coach, to a maximum of 60 skaters for two coaches. Program assistants will assist with the program.
  3. CanPowerSkate: A maximum of 25 skaters per session.
  4. PreSchool CanSkate: A maximum of 10 skaters per coach.  All decisions to cancel an advertised program will be made by the Administrator/ Executive.



  1. All Red Deer Skating Club members with a registered Skate Canada, Competitive, Recreational or Synchronized skater may work Bingos to cover ice costs, competition entry fees, coaches travel expenses( with in Alberta) workshops and clinics .  Current booking policy will be included in the annual fall newsletter.     
  2. To work a bingo, you must comply with the current Alberta Gaming Regulations and Guidelines for eligible workers.  A worker must be registered on the RDSC Bingo registration list.  Each Bingo worker is expected to actively participation while working a RDSC bingo.  If the Bingo Chairperson receives a complaint from the Bingo Hall regarding worker’s behavior or lack of participation, a warning in writing will be issued to the worker or parent/guardian.  If two(2) warnings are issued; the worker may lose bingo privileges for six consecutive             bingos.  If a third (3) warning is issued, privileges may be withdrawn indefinitely.
  3. Bingos are booked on a rotation by the RDSC Bingo Chairperson. Bingos must  be worked in advance in order to have funds available to cover ice costs at registration times.  The Bingo Treasurer will issue bingo statements upon request. In the event of a negative balance, the Club may request payment of the balance owing.  If payment is NOT received, the Club has the right to refuse further
  4. Registrations. Account balances are available at any time by contacting the Bingo Treasurer via e-mail.
  5. The Club reserves the right to bill any member with a negative balance at any time and payment is then due within thirty (30) days (see By-Law 5). Appeals in writing can be made to RDSC Bingo Chairperson, who will take it to the Executive for a decision.
  6. The Club and workers must comply with all rules and regulations of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. 
  7. A Percentage of ice fees per school, per skater, must be paid upon registration, and will be specified on the registration form.
  8. Bingo booking/cancellation procedures will be distributed to all members in the Fall newsletter.
  9. Members will be notified annually of what expenses can be debited out of accounts if monies are available.
  10. The list of Bingos to be worked for the year and the booking dates will be posted at the rink, and on the Web-Site.



Off site storage for RDSC records is at Sentinal.  Executive members will store any records at the end of every year at this site.  The records will be reviewed and shredded as required. President and club Administrator have keys.



Notice of all Executive meetings shall be posted on the Web-Site. The Annual General Meeting shall be held within forty five (45) days of the close of the winter skating season.  Within thirty (30) days of the Annual General meeting, outgoing and incoming executive will change hands and set guidelines for the upcoming year.  Selected representative from the Executive attending Section AGM/ NACGM will be reimbursed at the current Skate Canada rate.  Receipts are required for reimbursement.



An Honorarium may be paid to each Red Deer Skating Club skater who qualifies and attends the Canadians/Star Skate Nationals.  The amount of the Honorarium will be decided annually depending on funds available and in a written application.



Prior to each session, the Executive will determine the method of music playing and all RDSC members will participate as required.  Music procedures will be distributed to the members. RDSC Dance music will only be used for dance sessions during all our skating schools.  If coaches require a different series then a request must be made in writing, to the Executive prior to the start of the School.



RDSC will maintain an on going list of toys, equipment and supplies. This list needs to be viewed annually.



Red Deer Skating Club Colors are Red/white/Navy.



  a)            Skate Canada registration forms will be posted on the Website prior to each session.

  b)            Registration forms are to be returned to the Administrator with payment.

  c)            Registrations will NOT be taken over the phone or e-mail.

 d)            Skaters MUST register for one early morning session per week unless they are 7 years or younger on December 31 of the current winter session.

 e)           Registrations will be booked on a first come first served basis. RDSC skaters have priority up to a set deadline stated on the registration form.  Non-RDSC skaters and Guest Coaches will have a set deadline.  All dates will be printed on the registration form.

 f)           Skaters over the age of 12 years are encouraged to participate in the ongoing Program Assistants Training offered by the Club, and volunteer to assist Professional Coaches with the CanSkate program.

 g)          Age requirements for all programs will be open to the coaches and Administrators discretion but the following guidelines are supported by RDSC.

  • Preschool Canskate open to 3, 4, and 5 year olds
  • Canskate open to 6 years and up
  • Pre-Star skaters must have completed their Stage 5 Badge

h)            Any registration forms with a deficit bingo account or an account owing to the Club will be refused until arrangements have been made to bring the balance up to date.

i)          While registrations are processed on a first come basis, the administrator has the authority to request schedule changes to safely accommodate the maximum number of skaters.



The Red Deer Skating Club will contract with coaches on a yearly basis (April-March) for recreational programs and general promotion for the membership of the Red Deer Skating Club.

Additional/freelance coaches will be invited by the Club to come and coach/assist throughout the year, i.e. Coaches illness, coach’s absences, special guests and recommendations by our contract coaches, with a letter of intent presented to the Executive.

The Red Deer Skating Club will assist in the tuition costs to a maximum of $50.00 for the NCCP Level 1 coaching course for registered members of the RDSC when finances permit along with a letter of request.

 In recognition of 25 years of coaching, the Club will purchase a recognition gift up to the value of $100.00.  Names must be submitted to the Section to be honored.



 Program assistants, skaters 12 years of age and over, are encouraged to help with Group skating programs when required. Skaters will need to attend RDSC program assistant training offered by the Club.



The Administrator will book practice ice when available for competitions.  Notice of when the practice ice is available to the competitors registered in the competition will be posted on the bulletin boards at the rinks, by e-mail or on the Website.  Skaters will have to sign up to use this ice.  This ice is available to practice for the competition and is NOT available for lessons.  Structure of competition practice ice will be determined based on the number of skaters and will be billed to participants accordingly.



 All Skate Canada skaters who wish to obtain extra ice (over and above registered times) MUST comply with the following procedures:

a)                The Numbers in Programs policy states that there is to be a maximum of 24 skaters on any session.

b)             If a skater wishes to pick up an extra session, it will be done on a first come first serve drop in basis.

c)              First check the posted list on the bulletin board to see if there is a space available on the session (remember only 24 skaters on the ice)

d)             If space is available then the skater MUST SIGN UP ON THE SHEET PROVIDED (before the skaters go on the ice)

e)             If you are replacing a skater you know is absent, you MUST still sign in on the Extra Session. There will be an additional charge for these extra sessions.  The Executive will establish the amount for members and non-members annually.

 During the season some ice changes will occur.  Please always check the information board, e-mail or Website for these changes.



When any member of the Red Deer Skating Club wishes to use BINGO credits to pay out of town ice, the following procedures must be followed:

A letter of intent must be sent to the committee.  This letter must include the following information:

  • Where and to whom the ice will be paid
  • Estimated costs of ice
  • Time frame (how long of a period, 1 month or 1 year etc.)
  • How much ice the skater has booked
  • How much of that booked ice does the skater actually skate?
  • Does the skater skate anywhere else
  • Why the skater is requesting ice to be paid outside our Club

 To qualify for ice to be paid out-of-town, a skater must fit into the following criteria:

  • 5 hours minimum ice booked with our Club
  • Be a registered member of the RDSC
  • Have adequate BINGO funds in their account to cover their request
  • All the Red Deer ice will be taken out of their account before the payment for the out-of-town ice.
  • All bills for out of town ice must be submitted within 60 days of payment.

When looking at the skater’s letter of intent, the committee will take into consideration the following:

  • The skater’s development
  • Purpose of joining the Club

 The committee reserves the right to make the final decision.



 Any issues positive or negative in regards to the operation of the Red Deer Skating Club may be made in writing to the Executive and will be dealt with on an individual basis.



 To be a member of RDSC you must

 a)          Be registered with Skate Canada through RDSC for the current year

 b)         Paid Registration Fees

c)         Have a RDSC coach under contract for lessons weekly.



On alternate years the RDSC could apply to host a competition through the Alberta Section.  On the opposite year the RDSC could host a Club Carnival, depending on ice availability.